How to Make Double Click work on a NavigationLink (SwiftUI)?

Mark van Wijnen
4 min readJul 16, 2022
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It’s actually ridiculous that this story needs to be written. Something as basic as detecting a double mouse click on a NavigationLink should be as easy as using the .onTapGesture(count: 2) {} event modifier. However if you arrived at this story there is a great chance you will have noticed that it doesn’t work as you would expect it and you are eager to find a workaround. I am here to tell you that there is and I am going to show you how.

Reproduce the Problem

Xcode 14 (beta 3)
macOS Ventura (13)

Expected Results

I would expect that when I click anywhere in the row the item will be selected. When I double click on the row it would show the message Double Click Detected in the console.

Actual Results

When I click on the text (1) the item will not get selected. When I double click on the text the message Double Click Detected is shown in the console. So its partially what I expected.

The opposite happens when you click on the rest of the space of the row. When I click on the space (2) the item will get selected. When I double click nothing will appear in the console.

The Workaround

We need a view with the same size as the navigation link (item row) that detects events and forwards them to the view below it. A passthrough view. This view doesn’t exist in the SwiftUI universe so we need to create one ourselves.

This NSView accepts a mouseDownHandler which will fire when a mouse down event is detected. SwiftUI does not work with NSView so we need to bring it over using a NSViewRepresentable.



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